Consuming content online; the generational outlook

Are you surprised to hear that the Baby Boomers spend more time online consuming content than the Millennials or Gen X’s? We were too, but here are the stats!

  • Millennials & Generation X consume around 5-10 hours of content while Baby Boomers consume 20+ hours.
  • Millennials & Generation X consume content around 8pm – midnight, whereas Baby Boomers are more switched on around 5am – 12pm.
  • Surprisingly the most used device amongst all 3 generations is the laptop, with the Baby Boomers showing the highest usage.
  • Blog articles, images and comments were amongst the top 5 types of content that all 3 generations were most likely to consume.
  • White papers, webinars and slide shares were amongst the least consumed content.
  • Entertainment was the highest sought out subject amongst all 3 generations.
  • Millennials prefer tech related content significantly more than Baby Boomers (no surprises here)
  • Generation X prefer healthy living content more than Millennials and Baby Boomers.
  • Baby Boomers are looking at news related content, 94% more than Millennials in-fact.
  • Baby Boomers share a higher percentage of images and videos online.

What does this mean for your brands social media platforms?

  • Focus on the times of the days that your targeted generation are actually online, that way you can reach a bigger audience.
  • Find out what content they want to consume, blogs were the most consumed content for all 3 generations along with images. Are you showing the right content to your target market?
  • Is your business focusing on the right target market? For example if you are a healthy living organisations, are you wrongly targeting millennials rather than Generation X that are more likely to be engaged with your products? If you are creating content for a niche market, take into consideration which generation might be your largest audience!

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