Facebook Ads – New Ad Relevance Score

There’s a new way to understand how people respond to your ads. It’s called the ad relevance score. The more relevant your ad is to your audience, the better it’s likely to perform. It also means you’ll pay less to reach your audience.

How it works
After your ad is served more than 500 times, your ad receives a daily relevance score from 1-10, with ten being the most relevant. This score is based on how people respond to your ad.

Your score works differently for each ad type, whether it be clicks to website or post engagement, the ad relevance score will look at both positive and negative feedback. Positive feedback is based on likes, shares and comments or clicks to a website. Negative feedback is based on how many people are hiding the particular ad or unfollow you based on the ad.

How can it help you?
Facebook will look at how relevant your ad is among your target audience. If the ad is ‘highly’ relevant, your ad may be shown more than other ads that are targeting the same audience. Because of this, you will in-turn pay less for your ads to be seen.

The scores will help determine which ads work best for your brand. If you can see an ad has a low relevant score, you could look at updating that ad creative or message. If you are running multiple ads at the same time, this could also help determine which ad is more relevant to your target audience.


How to ensure your ad stays relevant

  • Make your targeting more specific – ensure you are targeting the right demographic and interests for your product or service. Avoid choosing ‘broad’ audiences.
  • Ensure your ad message & image is relevant and resonates with not only your audience but your brand as well. Using images and videos will always create a more positive experience for your audience.
  • Change up your message. Keep it fresh and relevant.
  • Play around with your ads targeting. Test out what works better. Look for the ads that are reaching a higher relevance score.


Information in this article provided by Facebook.

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