Facebook Page Admin Roles

Facebook have recently added a new feature for Facebook page admins. Now you’re able to assign specific admins of your page with specific roles to give them control on only certain functions of the page.

When you go into your page admin area (click on “edit page” at the top of your page’s admin panel), you’ll see that where it used to say “manage admins,” now it says “Admin Roles.” Click on this and you’ll see your existing admins. You can modify their roles, if you wish, and you can add new admins and assign them permissions as well. Here is a chart of the new user roles and what they are allowed to do. If you want people to have complete control over the page, just leave them as “Manager.” This is what all your existing admins will default to.

If you have multiple people in your business who just post on your Facebook page you can change their permissions to “Content Creator” and if you have an agency who runs Facebook Ads for your page you can make them an “Advertiser”

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