New Call To Action Button On Facebook

Some of you might have noticed the Call to Action button on your Facebook fan pages. Facebook started rolling this feature out in January to help page managers direct their fans to a specific action.

The options that you are given are:

  • Book Now
  • Contact Us
  • Use App
  • Play Game
  • Shop Now
  • Sign Up
  • Watch Video

Which button should you use?

Book Now

Can be used for various ‘booking’ services such as:

  • Used for brands with an online booking system i.e Movie tickets
  • Used to buy tickets i.e Music festivals
  • Book appointments online i.e Hairdressing salons
  • Book tables at restaurants
  • Book booths at nightclubs

Contact Us

Can be used for various products & services such as:

  • A service that doesn’t have an online booking system
  • Brands selling wholesale products
  • Brands not selling a particular product or service but offers information such as a helpline
  • Agencies looking for contact as a preferred initial action from clients 

Use App

This call to action would be used for brands that offer computer and/or mobile apps for example:

  • Brands with Facebook games available
  • Mobile phone apps 
  • Online banking apps 
  • Computer software 

Play Game

If your page is primarily an online game. This could be used for:

  • Online games
  • Facebook games
  • App games
  • Campaign games

Shop Now

  • Essentially used to drive traffic to your e-commerce website. 

Sign Up

  • Use to grow your email database
  • If you have a campaign that you require users to sign up to 
  • Clubs that require membership sign ups 

Watch Video

  • This could be part of a campaign
  • If you have a video that represents your brand, this could link your fans there
  • Any video you have that is relevant to your brand and you want your fans to see

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