The Reject Shop Catch n Win Easter Campaign

Platform: Facebook
Project: High Sierra Pack n Go Prize Giveaway

 Fan engagement
• Product awareness
• Grow the email database

Overview: High Sierra wanted a fun way to engage with their audience on Facebook. The ‘Pack n Go’ app was a game of skill where users need to move the character around in order to catch the falling items. The more they caught, the faster the items fell. They also needed to avoid the nasty insect falling which would make them lose a life if caught. 

Once the user got Game Over they filled out a form to register their score in order to be in the draw to win a the major prize! Users could view the leaderboard to see if they were in they had a top 10 score. You could share your score to Facebook.

Result: American Tourister had thousands of users play the game. Users were enticed to come back each day to try and beat their highest score in order to finish in the top 10. 

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