Retargeting allows you to reach your customer after they have left your website. You can create cookies for pages of your website and target ads on Google and Facebook to users that visited certain pages on your site. This allows you to specifically target users to what they are interested in.

Retargeting helps to bring back visitors to your website that may not have finished their purchases. Once they have completed their transaction the retargeting cookie is automatically removed from their browser and they will instantly stop seeing the Ads.


It keeps your brand on the top of your consumers mind
• It can increase online sales as it keeps reminding the visitor about the product or service they were searching for
• Keeps you ahead of your competitors. If they are looking elsewhere, they will keep seeing your brand pop up to remind them where to purchase
• We can tailor a retargeting campaign to suit your campaign objectives
• You have the ability to create an effective call-to-action to ensure the visitor returns to your website
• Is a low cost digital advertising medium

Also it’s a great way to advertising new products to existing customers who have visited or made a purchase on your website in the last 90 days.


Retargeting allows you to reach your customers after they have left your website. You have the ability to advertise to a consumer that has looked at a certain product, keep showing the product to them when they are visiting other websites, then once they purchase you can set up the ads so that they stop as soon as they checkout.

Social House can help take care of all your Retargeting needs helping you with:

• Initial setup – including privacy policy set-up, creating an ads account and setting up the website ready for the cookie installation
• Cookies – we generate the cookies on your website to capture visitor data and to allow for the retargeting advertising
• Advertising – this can be done on a monthly basis or a campaign basis

Screenshot taken from our Stereosonic 2014 advertising campaign

Screenshot taken from our Stereosonic 2014 advertising campaign

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