Should you ‘boost’ your posts on Facebook?

Many page managers aren’t aware of the difference between boosting your post and creating an ad using Ads Manager. Here are some points of difference to help you decide what is better for your business.

Boosting your post is quick and easy to use, however it doesn’t have the targeting capabilities that you get through ads manager. Yes, you can target broad categories such as age, gender & location but with Ads Manager you can specifically target for example women who are married with 2 children that are aged 0-5 years old.

Here are some features regular boosters don’t know they can utilise when running a campaign through ads manager:

  • Relationship status – Target people who have been recently engaged
  • Target people’s education, work, life events etc
  • Target specific behaviours – i.e people travelling to Europe in the next 2 weeks
  • Custom audience lists – Run ads targeting people on your email newsletter database
  • Have your ad shown to specific devices – i.e Only on desktop & mobile 
  • And many other features

As simple as ‘boosting’ your post can be and you may see a large ‘reach’, this isn’t a niche reach that is targeting your objectives. If you are looking to just get as many impressions to just anybody in a certain country, then boosting can work for you. If you are looking to build engagement, real likes to your page, conversions or even reach a whole new target market, then the best way is to create a well planned campaign through ads manager.

If you are looking for customised Facebook advertising for your next campaign, contact us for more information!

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