Video Posts – Why you should be posting them!

With technology evolving, people are changing the way they view content. Having a consumer-centric marketing strategy is more important than it has ever been. So what do your customers want? They want engaging, creative, relevant content that get’s their attention immediately. They don’t want to have to find it themselves.

Social Video

Have you noticed there are more and videos popping up in your newsfeeds? Video is a trending topic in social media at the moment. The amount of videos on newsfeeds tripled last year. It is only going to grow even more in 2015!

The Benefits

  • Engaging, shareable and a great way to connect with your fans
  • It is very cost effective when advertising on Facebook
  • You can show your videos to a very targeted audience, unlike traditional media such as television
  • Videos automatically play on Facebook & Instagram on newsfeeds so they ar emore eye catching than regular posts
  • The Facebook stats on video, can determine how engaged your target market is
  • You can add a call to action to videos

What types of videos should you be doing?

  • Inspirational videos – inspire your fans and appeal to their emotions
  • Educational videos – teach them something they may not already know or re-enforce the knowledge
  • Engaging & entreating videos – this is very important to capture their attention

Advertise your videos on Facebook

If you want to put ad spend behind your Facebook content, put it on your videos. You can see as little as $0.01 per view for video views! The ads speak for themselves and they grow organically more than any other post type.

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